Llistless behavior, confusion, coldness, collapse, person feels, better from fanned air, flatulence, desire for sweets, coffee, salt, and alcohol.

People who need Carbo veg. may be in a state of physical and mental collapse. It is used for debilitated states ranging from a simple faint or fatigue to exhaustion or more serious collapse. Those affected may never have fully recovered from a previous illness. Symptoms include extreme weariness on making the least effort, indifference, and anxiety at night, along with a fear of the supernatural.

Typical physical symptoms include a cold, clammy body, a sallow face, weakness, and numbness or burning pain in the limbs. A tendency to suffer from trapped gas is common. Despite usually feeling cold, people who respond to Carbo veg. like fresh air, especially if it is fanned over their faces. They may crave junk foods, coffee, sweets, and salt, and long for alcohol although it makes them feel unwell. In common with herbalists, homeopaths often give the remedy for flatulence and weak digestive functioning.
Carbo veg. may also be taken for respiratory problems, or for a poor, sluggish constitution, particularly in the elderly.


Made from silver birch, beech, or poplar trees, which grow on moors, heaths, woodlands, and mountains throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Used in traditional and conventional medicine for ulceration, septic diseases, flatulence, and indigestion. Also known for its deodorant and disinfectant properties.

Fist-sized bits of wood are cut, heated until red hot, and sealed in an airtight earthenware jar. The resulting ash is then
triturated, diluted, and succussed.

Charcoal, wood charcoal.

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